Axure Wireframes

Basic Sketch — Technical Product Site

This proposal was addressed to a small firm selling a few specialized devices for controlling stage audio and lighting equipment. It encompasses a home page with content rotator, product detail page template, and standard support and about pages. The layouts are intentionally basic to suit their purpose of initiating discussion (as opposed to finalizing design decisions).
Product Detail Wireframe

Mobile Wireframes

Multiple Destinations Prototype
Screen grab shows the wireframe using Ripple’s mobile device emulator set for default 480px width
Axure Prototype

This wireframing exercise addressed a business case requiring a search for an airline itinerary for a business traveler with multiple stops. Instead of the default choice of roundtrip or a one-way option, the traveler decides to consider adding a personal side trip to the return leg of a flight to attend a meeting. The result screen (not shown) should save the trouble of repeating the basic roundtrip search to determine the price difference from the multiple-destination itinerary and help the traveler comply with employer reimbursement policies.