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Speculative consideration

Kickapoo Ed

Initial excitement over the Knowledge Graph seems to have calmed down somewhat. That’s probably not surprising, as the reality of the first pass on such things does tend to fall short of the promises made at announcement time. Turns out

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The Digital Metaphor

So the e-reader people are finally starting to address some of their rights management issues it would seem. Nobody wants to buy one of those ebooks if they can’t treat it the same as the dead-tree version, so I understand

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Static flows

A few years ago, early in my transition from editor to IT goon, I had a weird experience that was formative of my IT persona in a lot of ways. I had to send email to a very busy director-level decision maker about some aspect of her program’s web presence. I don’t recall even a tiny detail of what the issue was, but I vividly remember the form of her reply.

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Obsolete librarians

Something’s been bugging me since the ALA show, and I think I finally have my finger on what it is. The itch from Chicago returned while discussing with Ivy whether librarians have an obligation or even a role in teaching

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