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Text Ain’t Metadata

text Ain't Metadata

The headline text in that screen grab from the Seattle Times is trying really hard to be metadata and connect these two items based on shared topic coverage. Turns out, though, that the character string ‘3D’ can carry different meanings

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Kickapoo Ed

Initial excitement over the Knowledge Graph seems to have calmed down somewhat. That’s probably not surprising, as the reality of the first pass on such things does tend to fall short of the promises made at announcement time. Turns out

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It ain’t the data that was unstructured.

Photo from wallyg on Flickr under Creative Commons license So we’re told in a report on e-commerce search engines from, incredibly, May 2012. On the surface, the reporter got it wrong, as they’re wont to do when reporting outside their

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The Morselization of Information

Wavii delivers morsels of news, five words at a time Five years ago, Twitter’s critics dismissed the idea that news could be transmitted in 140 characters. Now, Adrian Aoun thinks it can be done in just five or six words.

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A Taxonomy of Urban Ills

What could go wrong?Part of my week includes contract work locating and documenting APIs to be listed on One that I found had documented a rather complete taxonomy of urban ills listing all the problems a citizen might encounter in city life.

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Netflix to IFLA: Huh?

So count me as +1 for the Netflix customers (or maybe the correct term in Netflix’s case is potential former customers) who are puzzled and disappointed by the company’s remarkably woozy strategic moves of late. I’d probably be outraged, actually,

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Classification by Colors (courtesy of the Famous Librarian)

I’ve been thinking of my friend Harriet, who called herself the Famous Librarian, over the last couple days. I’ve been struggling for some sort of notation on an enumerated classification or the foci within a faceted scheme that would allow

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Sipping from the stream

I listened in on a webchat that a friend was helping to organize about how users might benefit from some ‘curation’ of the blurtstream from new-web sources, especially Twitter but also Facebook and wherever else.

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Obsolete librarians

Something’s been bugging me since the ALA show, and I think I finally have my finger on what it is. The itch from Chicago returned while discussing with Ivy whether librarians have an obligation or even a role in teaching

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Lost in the Computer

Here’s  some background on my blog entry about my deep disappointment with complete inability to search up an admittedly extremely obscure citation I needed for some job application situation. The document I wanted is now scanned and online, dammit, for good or ill:

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