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Kickapoo Ed

Initial excitement over the Knowledge Graph seems to have calmed down somewhat. That’s probably not surprising, as the reality of the first pass on such things does tend to fall short of the promises made at announcement time. Turns out

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Ascendance of the factoid

Filter bubbles? Google has more to say about the Knowledge Graph and how it will finally fulfill the Star Trek promise of computers that will intently listen, perfectly understand, and obediently retrieve exactly what we want. Hell, the graph may

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The Morselization of Information

Wavii delivers morsels of news, five words at a time Five years ago, Twitter’s critics dismissed the idea that news could be transmitted in 140 characters. Now, Adrian Aoun thinks it can be done in just five or six words.

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Who will guard the guards?

Photo by rooReynolds News: Web privacy rules turn poachers into gamekeepers Views: The EU is demanding that users opt in to tracking, while the U.S. Congress seems to want people to have a relatively standard way to opt out. Either

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The Semantics of “Semantic”

News: Google gives search a refresh, the Wall Street Journal Reports. Views: Lots of these changes sound great to me, as best I can tell from a WSJ report. I’m a fan of improving relevance and I like the idea

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Literate distractability?

Photo from MiikaS on Flickr under Creative Commons BY-SA license Reuters tells us about a Pew survey of “technology insiders, critics and students” asking what skills young people will need in 2020. The key ones are cooperative work that makes

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It’s Getting Chilly Out

First time I’ve stumbled on this one, I confess. I’m not sure whether to see some positive — Google bending but not breaking — or to scream that the rotten whatnots are censoring my search results!!! I’m quite sure that

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Aggregated Aggregation

Aggregation of ownership within the media business has continued to the point that only six sets of management-types control 90% of information content, including what passes for news, available commercially to Americans. The view of who’s supplying what information is even less clear in the mashed up muddle of distributed and aggregated content.

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Stupid Facebook Tricks

I understood back when Facebook had so much trouble scaling up their systems for the avalanche of growth in their user base that they experienced early on. I even understand, somewhat, their repeated, sneaky assaults on users’ privacy, as they

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I’m set to house/cat-sit for a friend in Santa Fe for 2 weeks. The timing was good, as my sweetie is gallivanting in foreign parts with other iSchoolers and I have business to take care of in the region. I

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