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Information behavior in everyday life

#c4l12 Wrap-up

My recent week chock full of Code4Lib goodness was sponsored by Amanda Vizedom of Wind River Consulting. She’d been lucky enough to grab one of the precious few available registrations in the hour or so before they sold out, but

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Noise +1, Signal 0

Or, Where’s the Pony? A couple decisions about my use of social media collided in my head this week. With a medium-weight sigh — definitely subtragic but not trivial, either — I finally decided to hide updates from the Author

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Static flows

A few years ago, early in my transition from editor to IT goon, I had a weird experience that was formative of my IT persona in a lot of ways. I had to send email to a very busy director-level decision maker about some aspect of her program’s web presence. I don’t recall even a tiny detail of what the issue was, but I vividly remember the form of her reply.

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Sipping from the stream

I listened in on a webchat that a friend was helping to organize about how users might benefit from some ‘curation’ of the blurtstream from new-web sources, especially Twitter but also Facebook and wherever else.

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Participatory surveillance

My personal librarian has submitted the link below for consideration. What? You don’t have your own personal librarian? Gee, I’m sorry. That must really suck. Anyhow, that’s an article in the online info science journal First Monday with the

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