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Ascendance of the factoid

Filter bubbles? Google has more to say about the Knowledge Graph and how it will finally fulfill the Star Trek promise of computers that will intently listen, perfectly understand, and obediently retrieve exactly what we want. Hell, the graph may

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How to Pop Those Pesky Filter Bubbles

Eli Pariser gave a TED talk in March 2011 urging web users to beware online filter bubbles. It’s not a new set of concepts — personalization is rampant as an ostensibly well-intentioned strategy to help us find the useful bits

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Literate distractability?

Photo from MiikaS on Flickr under Creative Commons BY-SA license Reuters tells us about a Pew survey of “technology insiders, critics and students” asking what skills young people will need in 2020. The key ones are cooperative work that makes

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No, not as in ├╝berdesign, but as in designing more than the interaction really needs. Someone just looks silly if their text talks about putting an X in the checkbox but a user who clicks gets a checkmark. One solution

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When Helping Doesn’t Help

Finally, someone calls out the supposed design mavens at Apple for the intrusive, cartoony showboating of the Mac UI. Now I’m not saying the iPod is anything but slick, intuitive, and fun to use — it’s all those things. But

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Stupid Facebook Tricks

I understood back when Facebook had so much trouble scaling up their systems for the avalanche of growth in their user base that they experienced early on. I even understand, somewhat, their repeated, sneaky assaults on users’ privacy, as they

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Third Place

This morning raised some new question marks for me about internet hang-outs as the virtual embodiment of that Third Place (in addition to home & work) of urban design lore. My own destinations online are *much* more consistent than my

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Designed boxes

This box is an artifact of my former days as a homebrewer. When I moved, I dumped the bottles into the recycling with only a pang of regret. I’d refilled them with new beer many, many times in the past,

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