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Ascendance of the factoid

Filter bubbles? Google has more to say about the Knowledge Graph and how it will finally fulfill the Star Trek promise of computers that will intently listen, perfectly understand, and obediently retrieve exactly what we want. Hell, the graph may

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It ain’t the data that was unstructured.

Photo from wallyg on Flickr under Creative Commons license So we’re told in a report on e-commerce search engines from, incredibly, May 2012. On the surface, the reporter got it wrong, as they’re wont to do when reporting outside their

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The Semantics of “Semantic”

News: Google gives search a refresh, the Wall Street Journal Reports. Views: Lots of these changes sound great to me, as best I can tell from a WSJ report. I’m a fan of improving relevance and I like the idea

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How to Pop Those Pesky Filter Bubbles

Eli Pariser gave a TED talk in March 2011 urging web users to beware online filter bubbles. It’s not a new set of concepts — personalization is rampant as an ostensibly well-intentioned strategy to help us find the useful bits

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#c4l12 Wrap-up

My recent week chock full of Code4Lib goodness was sponsored by Amanda Vizedom of Wind River Consulting. She’d been lucky enough to grab one of the precious few available registrations in the hour or so before they sold out, but

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Aggregated Aggregation

Aggregation of ownership within the media business has continued to the point that only six sets of management-types control 90% of information content, including what passes for news, available commercially to Americans. The view of who’s supplying what information is even less clear in the mashed up muddle of distributed and aggregated content.

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I’m set to house/cat-sit for a friend in Santa Fe for 2 weeks. The timing was good, as my sweetie is gallivanting in foreign parts with other iSchoolers and I have business to take care of in the region. I

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Third Place

This morning raised some new question marks for me about internet hang-outs as the virtual embodiment of that Third Place (in addition to home & work) of urban design lore. My own destinations online are *much* more consistent than my

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