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How to Pop Those Pesky Filter Bubbles

Eli Pariser gave a TED talk in March 2011 urging web users to beware online filter bubbles. It’s not a new set of concepts — personalization is rampant as an ostensibly well-intentioned strategy to help us find the useful bits

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Yep. Chilly.

Twitter to restrict user content in some countries, according to Reuters. This is more an instant deep freeze than a chilling effect. We’ve managed to fend off government attempts to control the thoughts that get into our heads, especially as

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What’s so wrong with SOPA?

Yesterday, a friend started a long discussion on Facebook (well, long for that venue) by asking where exactly the censorship happens within the text of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). He’s an intelligent, caring man, and to his credit,

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It’s Getting Chilly Out

First time I’ve stumbled on this one, I confess. I’m not sure whether to see some positive — Google bending but not breaking — or to scream that the rotten whatnots are censoring my search results!!! I’m quite sure that

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Aggregated Aggregation

Aggregation of ownership within the media business has continued to the point that only six sets of management-types control 90% of information content, including what passes for news, available commercially to Americans. The view of who’s supplying what information is even less clear in the mashed up muddle of distributed and aggregated content.

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Dissent Deferred

Management at the Salt Lake City PL has apparently decided against learning what staff think of the place and mandated a happy-talk only rule for companywide email and at least one Facebook account. (No indication in the article specifically whose

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